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We Greatly Appreciate The Glowing Review Written by Jane Hienz in the Chartley Chatter! Thanks to All of Our New Neighbors in the Chartley Community for Being Such Strong Supporters of the Kitbar!

Sliced Sirloin with a Glass of Merlot-Unbeatable!

We deeply appreciate the wonderful review that Jane Hienz recently wrote in the Chartley Chatter. As a new business in the neighborhood we are thankful for the ongoing support of the community. Here are a few of the gracious snippets from Jane’s very kind and thoughtful review:

-The staff was well prepared for customers and everyone was friendly and knowledgable with at least five of the staff greeting us during our lunch.

-The majority of the seating is at the bar around the large kitchen/bar area, hence the name Kitbar. The seating is so unusual that it is trademarked. The guests are seated in high bar chairs along the bar or in groups of four or six in outcroppings from the bar. The bar seating has purse hooks underneath, a touch we all liked, and a place to put your feet so they weren’t just hanging off the chair. In fact, the chairs turned out to be very comfortable. There are also overstuffed chairs and sofas in the waiting area, perfect for groups to have a drink and talk.

-The food is prepared in front of you by chefs working at the oven and stovetops, along with salad and dessert chefs at their work areas and at the alcohol bar itself. It is fun to watch the artistic way they put together the appetizers, salads and desserts.

The menu, which also serves as your placemat, is not overwhelming yet contains a nice variety of choices. We ordered: Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Seasoned and Seared Sirloin of Beef served on cheese grits, the Island Hopper Chicken Kabobs, the Shrimp and Grits and the Shareable Cove Cobb Salad. The five of us loved our choices. We commented that our plates were artistically appealing, the portions were perfect and there was a good blending of tastes. The manager, Damon, informed us that all the sauces, dressings, soups –  everything was prepared on the premises and made from scratch.

-The founder, BJ Stone, opened this, his second restaurant, with the idea of contributing to the community. On 9/29 Stone’s Cove will join with the Mildred Mills Cancer Foundation and a portion of that days proceeds will go to the Mills Foundation. The restaurant will also sponsor Local Mondays, where they will showcase, a local artist, or a local wine of perhaps a local farmer’s market. Mr Stone’s idea is to serve the community in a greater capacity then just serving delicious food.

-This is a place you must try. I am pretty sure you will come away very pleased, as we were.


Have you Checked out Stone’s Cove’s New Web Site!

Stone’s Cove newly designed web site has many new features that you need to check out. As you hover over each menu item a picture pops up along with a SHARE button which allows you to post the picture to your Pinterest or Facebook page. In addition you will find engaging stories written by our Cheftenders along with information about our work with local charities on our do good things page and our support of local businesses on the Local Mondays page. You can now purchase gift certificates online and make reservations in Herndon or Owings Mills online through our Open Table link. We would like to thank our friends at Orphmedia & Relevanza for their creative efforts to make the new Stone’s Cove site engaging and user friendly. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Our new website for Stone's Cove

Our new website for Stone’s Cove