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Stone’s Cove offers an engaging and interactive dining experience that places the focus on you. Our unique design has no secrets, you are able to see who prepares your meal, how they prepare it, and speak to them during the entire process.

Our KitBar combines the design of a kitchen and a bar to create a large communal table that surrounds a wood-fired oven, placing you right in the middle of the action. We got the idea from parties we attended, noticing that folks naturally gathered in the kitchen where the food and drinks we being made. The KitBar's “Recess for Adults” mantra embodies this atmosphere by offering you a fun place to enjoy great food, drink, and laugh while you recharge your batteries.

ChefTenders (a combination of chef and bartender) ensure that your experience is easy, good and fun. They perform their task with professionalism placing an emphasis on creating products made with love! A KitBar allows ChefTenders to serve their guest while providing an innovative and entertaining dining experience anchored in our pledge that your good times do good things.



CLEAN: Seek and show - not hide. At night, lay your head down knowing you have done your best to do good things, make a difference, and create real jobs.

AVANT-GARDE: Swing the bat. Sometimes you will "swing and miss" but learn, grow, and move on, tenaciously striving to do good things, make a difference, and create real jobs.

Classic American with a contemporary twist describes our “just right” food. It is unique, fresh, flavorful, and beautiful. We prepare your food from scratch, using ingredients from local farms, and cook it to order so it is perfect each time. We offer a variety of Appetapas, flatbreads, salads, handhelds, homemade soups, specialty cocktails, and a variety of entrées that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  Enjoy Ahi Tuna Sashimi with seaweed salad, brown sugar and chili pepper seasoned Naked Wings, Apple & Goat Cheese Salad with warm pecan-encrusted goat cheese, Pepperoni Flatbread with homemade marinara sauce, made-to-share Hot & Cold Dips, Fish Tacos with jicama green apple slaw and Shrimp & Grits with lemon butter sauce to give you just an idea of what we do. 

We haven’t forgotten about the “Bar” in KitBar either. We have fun cocktails with a hidden twist or two. We feature  Spiced  Mango  Mojitos with fresh mint, Pear  Flower  Martinis  served  with  frozen  pear skewers,  and the KitBar’s signature cocktail, the Dirty  Deed,  the  perfect combination of a dirty martini and a bloody Mary. Then for times when you're in the mood to crack open a cold one, we have the usual suspects plus some local brews too. If your tastes run to grapes, we have a carefully crafted wine list and celebrate it with our Wine Wednesdays, which feature half priced bottles of wine all day.


RESPONSIBLE: Make every move count. Embrace your responsibilities and fulfill your commitment to the team, fueling the KitBars’ Passion and Purpose to do good things, make a difference, and create real jobs.

ENGAGING: Make their agenda your agenda. Reach out a hand and commit to being the reason they want to return to the KitBar, enabling us to do good things, make a difference, and create real jobs.


The driving force behind the creation of the KitBar was to establish a Venture Philanthropy business that focused on doing good things and making a difference. Stone’s Cove’s motivation is rooted in the belief that a guest’s good times should, in return, benefit others. Stone's Cove contributes to the do good things Foundation as well as other local charities which rotate per season. We do this with our do good things Sundays by allowing each guest to choose a charity of their choice for Sone's Cove to donate 10% of their bill to.  We believe it’s not the size of the act, but the heart that goes into the act, that makes a difference.



SHARING: Check your ego at the door. Ask not what your teammates can do for you but what you can do for your teammates, doing your part to help the KitBar do good things, make a difference, and create real jobs.




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