Cheftender Stories
  • Al
    Herndon, Virginia










    "I’ve worked at Stone’s Cove since September 2011. My favorite part of being a ChefTender is making the guests happy and providing a spectacular experience.  l had a previous business relationship with B.J. Stone, our founder, and B.J. suggested I apply to become a ChefTender at the Stone’s Cove in Herndon.  I am a voracious reader and in my spare time I enjoy reading books about history and quantum mechanics. I like the theoretical aspect of quantum mechanics, but not the math aspect.

    My favorite menu item at Stone’s Cove changes periodically. It seems I rediscover something I haven’t had in a while and it blows me away again when I remember how great it is. My current favorite is the Cuban Panini.  I appreciate a job well done and realize there is a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into running a successful KitBar."

  • Nick
    Herndon, VA











    I joined the Stone's Cove team as a host and then trained to become a ChefTender. I like working at the KitBar because I'm able to meet and engage with so many different people every day. I'm going to school full time so I also like that my work schedule is flexible and allows me time for all of my classes and homework. When I'm not in school or working, I like to listen to live music.







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